Available Newspaper Titles

Below are all of the Historical New Jersey Newspaper Titles available on Chronicling America.

The Jersey City news (Jersey City, N.J.)
Issues available from February, 1889 to December, 1906.

The Perth Amboy evening news (Perth Amboy, N.J.)
Issues available from August, 1903 to December, 1923.
(1924 will be available soon!)

The Evening star and Newark advertiser (Newark, N.J)
Issues available from July, 1907 to January, 1908.

The star and Newark advertiser (Newark, N.J.)
Issues available between February, 1908 and April, 1909.

The star and Newark advertiser [Morning Edition] (Newark, N.J.)
Issues available on April 24, 1908 and September 8, 1908.

Newark star and Newark advertiser (Newark, N.J.)
Issues available from April, 1909 to November, 1909.

Newark evening star and Newark advertiser (Newark, N.J.)
Issues available from November, 1909 to December, 1912.

West-Jersey pioneer (Bridgeton, N.J.)
Issues available from November, 1852 to January, 1884.

Bridgeton pioneer (Bridgeton, N.J.)
Issues available from January, 1884 to October, 1917.

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