Just Your Typical Newspaper Findings

This image, featured in January 23, 1922 Perth Amboy Evening News, shows famous dancer Irene Castle learning a few steps to the “turtle trot.” Believe it or not, this turtle is 700 years old and is a resident of the Bronx Zoo.

Have you ever had the impulsive desire to stand on your head? If so, it is probably because you are under too much strain and do not relax enough throughout the day. This article, featured in May 6, 1921 Perth Amboy Evening News, provides tips on how to relax the muscles during the day by learning how to do the ‘crab’, the ‘scissors’, and the ‘windmill’. Doing these exercises everyday will surely relieve the tension!

If you are tired of doing the ‘crab’ and receiving funny looks from your neighbors, feel free to check out the exercises in this image, featured in April 19, 1917 Bridgeton Pioneer. After completion, you will surely look as invigorated as the person modeling the exercises in this image.

Contributed by Kristi Chanda

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