Fulfill Your Itch to Color the Newspapers with #ColorOurCollections

Imagine taking a page like this…..

Sample coloring page showing women's fashions

And transforming it into this.

Sample coloring page, showing colored in women's fashions.

Now you can! February 1-5, 2021 New York Academy of Medicine features “#ColourOurCollections. Archives, libraries, and other cultural institutions around the world are sharing their free coloring sheets based on their collections. As of today, you can find this year’s coloring pages, taken from the NJ Digital Newspaper Project along with Rutgers University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives past pages.

This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the collections! The image above, featured in April 9, 1914 Perth Amboy Evening News , shows spring fashions on the Home Dressmaker page.

Sample coloring page showing automobile.

The image, featured in August 14, 1916 Perth Amboy Evening News, advertises tickets for a passenger touring car.

Sample coloring page showing men's fashion

This image above, featured in August 1, 1907 Bridgeton Pioneer, shows the evolution of the “summer man” as a cordial, happy-go-lucky character.

Example of coloring page showing women's fashion.

This image, featured in October 13, 1916 Perth Amboy Evening News, advertises the Fall Fashion Opening in The Princess Shop.

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So what are you waiting for? Add a little color to NJDNP today!

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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