O Tannenbaum!

Germany is credited for starting the Christmas tree tradition in the 16th century when Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. During the early to mid 1800s, many Americans thought Christmas trees as strange, considering them unacceptable. However, German settlers in America continued this tradition. By the 1890s, Christmas trees became popular in America with ornaments arriving from Germany. Americans also started decorating their trees with homemade ornaments, dyed popcorn, fruits and nuts. The invention of electricity brought about Christmas lights, making it possible to decorate town squares and parks with glowing trees.

Image of Christmas trees with the heading "Painless Harvest of Christmas Trees."

Many trees created from one trunk, and effort in forest conservation. Article is featured in December 8, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Image of Christmas tree with the heading "Municipal Christmas Tree with Lights Turned On."

Christmas tree lighting and celebrations are popular traditions as featured in December 26, 1913 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser.

Images with heading "Here are the Glorious Turkey Gobbler, Biggest Christmas Tree in City and some Yuletide Girls."

Nothing is better than celebrating holidays with a Christmas tree and turkey! Image featured in December 24, 1908 The Star and Newark Advertiser .

Image of Christmas tree with heading "Huge Xmas Tree Ready to be Erected in Military Park."

Bring on another one! Article featured in December 22, 1913 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser.

Article heading titled "Newark Facing a Shortage of Christmas Trees."

Better get your Christmas trees quickly before they are all gone! Article featured in December 23, 1908 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser.

Image of Edward K. Chapman with the heading " 'Santa's Lieutenant' is Shipper of St. Nick's Trees' "

Edward K. Chapman, a Civil War veteran, created a business cutting and selling Christmas trees as featured in December 16, 1922 Perth Amboy Evening News .

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