Fall Recipes For the Apple and Pumpkin Lovers

The image below is from the October 16, 1912 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser. It includes seven different recipes for making pumpkin pie. The recipes include different ways you can prepare the pumpkin, either by steaming it, stewing and straining it, or placing it through a colander. Also, there are different ways to make the pumpkin filling and crust. You can decide whether you want a deep dish pie or more of a traditional pie. The choice is yours!

Apples are included in many different recipes such as pies, muffins, donuts, sauce, crisp, cobbler, cider, salads, and more!

The image below, featured in November 20, 1911 Newark Evening Star, includes a recipe for apple butter. Contrary to the name, apple butter does not contain any butter. Instead it is considered highly concentrated applesauce, and is spreadable like jam.

If you have plenty of leftover apples, this German Apple Cake recipe, featured in September 30, 1912 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser is one of many creative recipes that utilizes plenty of apples. The article also includes recipes for apple biscuits, apple jelly, and marmalade.

Happy munching!

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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