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New York Fashion Week gave us the pleasure of celebrating top clothing designers, such as Kimberly Goldson, Anne Sui, and Chromat. Now, lets switch gears and take a look at dresses for a one’s special day. Many people like to imagine what they would look like for their wedding day. Either one prefers rich vivid colors and intricate designs, or perhaps something simple yet elegant. For most of history, focus on wedding gowns was mainly reserved for members of royalty and the upper class. Later in history it became more common place for women to follow the latest trends and styles.

Illustrated image of woman in wedding gown with heading "Lady Betty's Wedding Gown."

Perhaps you would like to wear a wedding gown like the one shown in the image above, featured in May 04, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News. Lady Betty, the fourth lady of England, is wearing a conservative yet elegant look. Her gown is of a fourteenth century style, made of chiffon and embroidered with silver lace and seed pearls.

Image of Vivian Gould and Lord Decies and St. Bartholomew's Church, where they are expected to marry. The heading is "Decies-Gould Wedding, Feb. 7, to be One of New York's Most Brilliant Social Functions."

Before social media, many people used the newspapers to publicize special occasions.. The article above, featured in January 31, 1911 Perth Amboy Evening News, announces the wedding of Lord Decies and Miss Vivian Gould, which, according to the article, will be an extremely elaborate affair!

Woman in a wedding gown with the heading "For the Pageant of the Wedding."

As shown in the image above, featured in June 22, 1915 Perth Amboy Evening News, women are replacing white satin gowns for lace or chiffon as these airy fabrics are much more comfortable.

Illustrated image of a woman wearing a more modern gown with the heading "Modern Bride Adds Wedding Gown to Wardrobe After "Day of Days."

The image above, featured in December 22, 1920 Perth Amboy Evening News, shows the bride wearing a more modern, sensible wedding gown. The wedding gown shown above can be worn for both sentimental ceremonies and receptions.

Image of a woman wearing a satin gown and veil with the heading "First of Trousseau Series In Robes of White for her Wedding Day!"

I hope no one trips! The image, featured in June 16, 1919 Perth Amboy Evening News, shows a woman in a traditional satin gown on her wedding day.

Image of Princess Margaret in a wedding gown with the heading "Royal Wedding Gown."

The image above, featured in June 30, 1921 Perth Amboy Evening News, shows Princess Margaret, daughter of king and queen of Denmark, on her wedding day.

Image of slippers with the heading "Dainty Slippers for this Year's June Bride."

Don’t forget about the shoes! The image above featured in June 10, 1912 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser gives a choice of three slippers for the very special day!

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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