Now Is the Time to Order a New Corset!

As New York Fashion Week continues, it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of fall clothing sales. What better way to do this than a new corset!!

Make sure your intestines are squeezed tight this fall with a brand new corset! It is hard to believe that these uncomfortable costume garments were once worn on a daily basis to help accentuate the figure. Thankfully we have come a long way from forcing the body into an unrealistic shape to self acceptance.

Image describing Corset week where women can choose among a variety of corsets.

Are you ready for Corset Week? You can choose among many different kinds of corsets that mold the figure and support vital organs. There are also corsets available for growing women. The image above is featured in September 14, 1914 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser.

Image of woman wearing a type of corset.

The article featured in September 20, 1913 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser, explains how the definition of a corset is changing from a garment that squeezes the intestines to one that helps improve posture.

Image of women wearing hip-eliminating skirts with the heading "Paris Fashion Dictator Says Women Won't Give Up Corsets."

This article featured in April 14, 1913 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser, mentions the movement towards hip-eliminating skirts, small sleeves, and low collars. Despite this, women have yet to give up the corset.

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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