Time to Tend the Garden

Because of the current circumstances, many people are spending their time at home. Some have decided to focus their energy towards gardening projects as seen from the images posted below!

Images of children with vegetables with the heading "Juvenile Farmers and Specimens of the Bumper Vegetable Crops they have Raised in the School Gardens of this City."

Gardening is an excellent skill for children to learn. The article above, featured in September 17, 1908 The Star and Newark Advertiser, shows children planting vegetable crops in their school gardens in Newark, New Jersey.

Images of potted plants with the heading "Care of Potted Plants in the House: How to do Repotting."

Wanting the joy of gardening without the labor? No problem! This article, featured in November 21, 1914 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser, offers tips on re potting plants.

Image of fruit garden with the heading "Everyman's Fruit Garden and How to Plant and Care for it Successfully."

According to this article, featured in February 7, 1914 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser, it does not take much land to plant a fruit garden.

Image of strawberry dishes with the heading "The Dainty Strawberry."

There is nothing like growing fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth as seen in the images above featured in 26 May 1911 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Image of a parsnip with the heading "Just a Parsnip."

Imagine growing a parsnip that resembles the reincarnation of a great English writer, walking to the publisher’s office. Not only have you grown vegetables, but also literary magic. The image above is featured in June 22, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News.

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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