It Is Just Another Day

The world definitely has its share of strange and amazing phenomena. Many people are shocked by it, others are in awe, and some are both.

Image of a girl in a carriage pulled by an alligator. The heading is "What's Your Hurry, Little Girl?"

It is only in Florida where you can find an alligator drawn carriage. Who needs a horse when you can go places with a friendly dinosaur relative! Hopefully it doesn’t scare the neighborhood dogs. Image featured in January 28, 1922 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Image of three mountain climbers with Mount Rainier in the background with the heading "Swiss Will Defy Death In Climb of Mount Rainier."

Three brave Swiss climbers set out to make a new record climbing Mount Rainier, in the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State. Considered the highest peak in the U.S. at the time (the article lists the peak at 14,444 feet; today the National Park Service says 14,410). Image is featured in February 18, 1922 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Image of Winifred Sackville Stoner Jr. at the age of two and eighteen with the heading "Outcome of Simple Theory of Development", Says the Youngest Notable of Who's Who."

At the age of 18, Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr. had done more than many of us do in our lifetimes! She wrote a poetry book when she was five, passed her college entrance exams at the nine, mastered seven languages at 12, wrote 15 books, and at 18 wanted to join the theater. Image featured in February 01, 1921 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Illustrated image of snakes with the heading "Forty Kinds of Snakes in District of Columbia."

Be careful where you step! According to the article, featured in August 26, 1915 Bridgeton Pioneer, Washington, D.C. is home to at least 40 species and subspecies of reptilia. While camping, you may find a garter snake, or a hog nosed snake, or perhaps a small grass snake. Most of the snakes are harmless and may only hiss at you to protect their territory.

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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