A Peek Into Mrs. Edison’s life

Almost everyone knows about Thomas Edison and his inventions, however little information about Edison’s second wife, Mina Miller Edison. She and Thomas Edison were married from 1886 until his death in 1931. She had a private life, mainly keeping to her private circles and occupying her time with her husband’s career. However, she was known to open their Glenmont Estate in West Orange, NJ for social occasions.

As mentioned in the article, the family spent some time in Florida on their Fort Myers Estate, especially during the winter months. Both Mr. and Mrs. Edison enjoyed fishing and enjoying the scenery. Mrs. Edison spent some of her time driving her runabout (boat).

This image, featured in April 25, 1908 The Star and Newark Advertiser, shows Mrs. Edison beside her son Theodore and smaller photos of Madelyn (Madeleine) and Charles.

Image showing Mrs. Edison standing by her son, Theodore and smaller images of Charles and Madelyn (Madeleine).


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