Need A Refreshing Meal? Try These Summer Recipes!

Let’s face it, it is warm outside. Temperatures are rising and we want more than anything to relax with a refreshing beverage and comfort food. So, why not try the recipes listed below? You can try making a jellied chicken salad, and there are no worries if you do not have a molded jelly ring! For dessert, how about sponge pudding? Both are pretty simple to make and are wonderful for small gatherings. These recipes are featured in August 6, 1920 Perth Amboy Evening News.

"Salad Molded in a Ring is Attractive and Distinctive" describes different summer recipes, such as the jellied chicken salad and sponge pudding with sauce.

Not interested in sponge pudding? Try tapioca pudding instead!

Recipe featured in July 14, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News.

Recipe for Tapioca Pudding.

(Contributed by Kristi Chanda)

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