Old News of the Day–May 24-29

We may have mentioned this before, but at the NJ Digital Newspaper Project office, we find ourselves fascinated by old advertisements in NJ’s historical newspapers. Sometimes we see one and wonder, “Why that image for that product?” This advertisement for a bakery (we think it’s a bakery) from the May 24, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News was one of those ads. We’re not sure what “Everything in but the water” refers to either. [Edited to add: Thanks to comments from Stephanie, below, we now know that Jiggtime sold mixes. To which you would add water! Somehow, that possibility never came to us.]

Advertisement for "Jiggtime" showing a Jack in the box figure dressed in Elizabethan collar and hat. 
Ad says "Jiggtime has a hundred possibilities for cakes, puddings, cookies, etc." and "Everything but the water."

Next, we were surprised to come across this image from the May 25, 1882 West-Jersey Pioneer. The machine the farmer is holding just looks so modern at first glance.

Add for a hand-held crop dusting device showing farmer in field with a crop dusting device slung over his shoulder, dusting the crops.

Finally, this ad for a saddlery shop from the May 29, 1889 Jersey City News caught our eyes.

Ad showing a saddlery shop apprentice working

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