Old News of the Day–May 12-15

At the NJ Digital Newspaper Project office, we realize we’re often drawn to certain types of stories, images, and advertisements. Even though we ran a circus ad in last week’s post, we couldn’t resist featuring another one this week from the May 13, 1899 Jersey City News. Especially since it showcases a school. And not just any school but a school for sea lions! And not just any sea lions but educated sea lions. Educated. Sea. Lions.

Drawing showing sea lions around a pool of water. Several are holding musical instruments. Several are in the pool. At the bottom it reads "Capt. Woodward's School of Educated Sea Lions"

Apparently, sea lions in 1899 were better behaved than one Newark boy in 1910. Instead of being in school, he embarked on a career of crime. The May 12, 1910 Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser carried the tale of this 10-year-old’s crimes and punishment.

Headline reading "Boy, 10 Years Old, Accused of Being Bold Highwayman" In smaller text underneath: "East Newark Lad Stole, He Says, to Attend Moving Picture Show."

Going back to animals behaving like people, we have this advertisement from the May 15, 1884 Bridgeton Pioneer. The dapper rooster is advertising Wanamaker and Brown, a clothing store in Oak Hall, Philadelphia. The ad features other whimsical images as well.

A rooster wearing a suit in front of a flower and grass. Under him, the text reads "Cro(w)cuses."

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