Old News of the Day–May 3-7

Although we in the NJ Digital Newspaper Project office see plenty of images that make us do a double-take, we needed a minute to take in everything going on in this advertisement for a Barnum and Bailey Circus performance from the May 3, 1906 Bridgeton Pioneer. Along with the Dip of Death, the May 8 Bridgeton event would include “More High Class Features Than All Other Shows Combined.”

Image of a car driving off the upward curve of a wooden slope and flying through the air, flipping, and landing upright on a platform. The car is in an arena. Text reads "Le Tourbillon De La Mort--" "--The Limit." "A Fascinating Feat of Human Hazard".

New Jersey has many great claims to fame, but according to a May 7, 1909 Newark Star and Newark Advertiser article, the lack of marriage license requirements in the state was leading to a bit of a problem.

Headline reading "New Jersey Now the Matrimonial Dumping Ground"

Finally, we were impressed with the level of detail in a drawing from the May 4, 1911 Perth Amboy Evening News advertising a grand opening of the J. Christ Co.  department store.

Advertisement for department store opening featuring drawing packed with images of well dressed people and furnishings.

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