Old News of the Day–April 27-30

Traveling around New Jersey’s historical newspapers for late April into early May, some ads caught our eyes.

The first, from the April 29, 1870 West-Jersey Pioneer and advertises the latest in clothes washing technology!

Partial advertisement for a clothes wringer showing a woman with a "washing machine" labeled "Doty's Washer." Text below refers to a new "Universal Clothes Ringer"

This advertisement from the April 27, 1923 Perth Amboy Evening News shows a gentleman triumphantly celebrating the availability of the “Two Pants Suit.” We’re not sure what the “Congressional filibuster” reference is to, but we’re also not sure we want to know!

newspaper advertisement for "two-pants Suits" showing a man with his arm raises in celebration standing between two pairs of pants, with a suit jacket behind them. The text below says "We could take up as much time as a Congressional filibuster, talking in favor of two-pants suits.

We had to investigate further when we saw the headline below in the April 30, 1894 Jersey City News. In the end, Miss Rebecca Hausche’s actions led the the discovery of a neighborhood thief!

Headline reading "Plucky Miss Bausche" and then "She Finds a Man in Her Apartments and Follows Him Until He is Arrested."

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