Old News of the Day–April 19-25

At the NJ Digital Newspaper Office, we enjoy looking around our historical newspapers to see what happened at this time in years past. Here’s a brief selection of what we found for the week of April 19-25.

Much of the news in late Aprils past involved outdoor sights and activities. The April 24, 1911 Newark Evening Star carried an article about young men who were inspired by cowboys to travel west–from New York City to Newark!

Article with headline "Would-be Western Cowboys Run Foul of Law." about 6 boys from New York City who were inspired by cowboys to go west to Newark to go fishing.

The April 20, 1904 Perth Amboy Evening News lamented the lack of parks for people to enjoy, showing a photo of “housebound” people with the comment “These people have nowhere to go.”

Photo under "Why We Favor Parks" headline showing 7-8 people and a baby carriage crowded around a house. The caption under says "scene common enough in North Amboy on a Hot Summer Afternoon. These People Have Nowhere Else to Go. Are they Still to be Denied the Blessings of a Park Which Other Cities Provide?

The April 22, 1896 Jersey City News carried an advertisement not for bicycles, but for bicycle handlebars! Hopefully riders enjoyed bicycling in nice weather no matter which handlebar they chose.

Advertisement for The Spalding Bicycle Handle Bars in four models--upturned, dropped, ram's horn, and extreme upturned.

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