April 1, 2020 Was National Census Day and That Is No Joke

 April 1st was National Census Day. A day to promote the decennial count of each resident in the United States based on where they live on April 1 of that year. The 2020 U.S. Census survey may be filled out online, by mail or over the phone.  In the past enumerators were available upon request to complete surveys in person.  This was how the first U.S. Census was compiled 230 years ago in 1790 shortly after George Washington had become president and initiated the country’s first enumeration. Prior to first U.S. Census in 1790, some individual states had been conducting their own censuses. New Jersey was one of them. Below is article from the June 2, 1900 Jersey City News comparing census numbers from 1900 to those from the “first census in 1737.”  

Currently, the option to complete the census in person is not available given the unprecedented circumstances. Despite these restrictions, it is important to fill out the census. Whether it is by mail, over the phone, or online make sure to tell the census man! 

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