Finding and Using New Jersey Newspapers in Chronicling America

[updated February 2021] In 2019, the National Digital Newspaper Program added its 15 millionth newspaper page to the Chronicling America website. To date, more than 100,000 of these pages are from New Jersey newspapers. To help users find NJ’s papers on Chronicling America, we offer the following information and tips! We’ll be updating this page as more papers are added.

As of February 2020, Chronicling America features content from the following papers:

The Perth Amboy Evening News (1903-1924)
The Jersey City News (1889-1906) [and nine issues of its Sunday edition]
The West-Jersey Pioneer (1852-1884) and Bridgeton Pioneer (1884-1917)
The Evening Star and Newark Advertiser (1907-1908), The Star and Newark Advertiser (1908) [Also two issues of morning editions], The Newark Star and Newark Advertiser (1909), and The Newark Evening Star and Newark Advertiser (1909-1912).

Gloucester County Democrat (1878-1912)

Morris County Chronicle (1877-1914)

Pleasantville Weekly Press (1892-1911) and The Pleasantville Press(1912-1914)

We are currently working to add the following papers by the end of 2021:

Penns Grove Record (1882-1923)
The Mount Holly News (1881-1919)
Five Mile Beach Journal (1890-1923)

There are several ways to find these newspapers in Chronicling America:

This page maintains an updated listing of New Jersey newspapers.

For a more general search of New Jersey newspapers, go to Chronicling America, choose the Advanced Search Tab, Go to the “Select State(s)” dropdown and select New Jersey. From there you can search within all New Jersey content.

Search screen showing Chronicling America Advanced Search Tab and dropdown menu for states.

To look at a specific newspaper, on the Advanced Search Tab click “or Select Newspaper” and scroll down to the title you are looking for.

Search screen showing Chronicling America Advanced Search Tab and dropdown menu for newspapers.

Another way to access the newspapers is by date using the Calendar View. To do this, click on the link for the individual newspaper on the list above. On the main page, you’ll see a link to “Calendar View”

Perth Amboy Evening News landing page with Calendar View link.

When you click Calendar View, there will be a drop down with a selection of years along with a set of “calendar pages.” Boldface dates indicate that an issue is available (bold italic indicates that more than one edition is available for that day). Clicking the date will take you to the newspaper for that day.

Individual calendar view page with boldfaced links.

Happy Searching!

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