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What is the Dana Library Transformation Project?

This project will make John Cotton Dana Library more user friendly in numerous ways, addressing directly the highest priorities for improving the library that were identified through our strategic planning process several years ago—including finally fitting out for use the third floor, which has been shell space since the construction of that wing of the building decades ago. While we will experience some temporary inconveniences in order to make this essential work possible, this transformation will enhance significantly the use, effectiveness, and enjoyment of the library.

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What areas of the library will be changed?

The project will affect all floors of the library to some extent over the next year. The results of this project involve enhancements that will create new study and learning spaces for students, facilitate ease of access to the collections and departments within, and the construction of a new center to support teaching faculty.

  • An addition to the library is being built to better facilitate the flow of traffic to all five floors of the building. A larger stairwell and high-capacity, high-speed elevator are being installed to allow for large groups of people to move up and down the stairwell with ease, as well as shorten elevator wait time and accommodate more people. The end result will also include an entryway that will enhance our ability to provide a safe and secure space for our users.
  • The centerpiece of this project is the construction that will take place on the third floor. This includes additional quiet study space for our students and the new P3 Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship at Rutgers University–Newark.  This open study space will provide an additional 60+ seats, along with numerous conveniently located outlets for devices. The P3 focuses on institutional interventions that support holistic faculty development over the lifecycle of an academic career. A comprehensive center for the development of excellence in teaching and research, the P3 Collaboratory is a place for scholars to come together across disciplinary, rank, and professional boundaries to engage in critical challenges facing our community and society; to be a part of teaching, scholarship and leadership learning communities; and to join in discussions that are of utmost importance to us as a university community—all in a dynamic, flexible, and creative space.
  • This construction will also allow us to enhance our archives spaces and services. A space will be created to house the new Dana Archives departments providing our local university archives collections with a formal home. Along with our new Dana archivist our community will have easier access to these archival treasures. The Institute of Jazz Studies will benefit from more space for its reading room and print collection. The Dana Archives and IJS will share the newly created reading room that will accommodate a larger number of classes and independent researchers at one time.
  • This is topped off by an iconic architectural feature on the plaza side of the building that will serve as a beacon to campus visitors, students, faculty, and staff alike. 

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What other changes should I be aware of?

To accommodate the project over the next year:

  • The library entrance on the plaza side will be closed during construction. To access the building, library users should proceed to the entrance on the Conklin Hall side.
  • The small parking lot next to Dana Library, accessed from Bleeker Street, will be closed during construction. Arrangements have been made for those members of our community with permits for that lot, specifically, to park elsewhere. Those who might use the accessible spaces in that lot are being accommodated in Parking Deck 1, around the corner on University Avenue.
  • A temporary fence will section off the parking lot and an adjoining portion of the plaza to accommodate construction equipment and supplies.

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What is the timeline for changes?

Construction work has already begun and is scheduled to be completed in April 2020.

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How often will you update the blog?

Our goal is to provide the timeliest information possible. We intend to post updates each week on Thursday mornings, after our weekly project meetings on Wednesdays.

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How can I stay in the loop?

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Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the project, please contact consuella.askew@rutgers.edu.   

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