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A special bookplate designed for E.M. Jellinek and his signature as found in a copy of his book donated to the National Council foe Alcoholism Library.

The Yale Plan Posters on Alcoholism series consisted of twelve posters prepared by the Section of Studies on Alcohol, Yale University in 1950. The individual posters were available for purchase.

Book cover of CAAAL Manual: A guide to the use of the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature

The storage and use of the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature is illustrated by the CAAAL cabinet and sorter.

Image of a CAAAL abstract card (McBee card, edge-notched card, or punch card) with a sample abstract.

The original McBee card prepared for the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature on the Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism (generally known as The Big Book) by E. M.…

The famous Bunky’s Doodle, or the Progression Phases of Alcoholism by Dr. E. M. Jellinek was presented to Jane and George Strachan at the Summer School of Alcohol Studies on July 18, 1950 at Pearson College of Yale University in New Haven, CT.

The "Bunky" or Bunky Head is a small, bronze bust with a commemorative plaque to testify that this rendition was awarded to Mar Keller for his work documenting alcohol science.

A sketch created by Vera Efron about E. M. Jellinek, aka Bunky, signed by E. M. Jelllinek as "Bunky," from the Mark Keller Collection.

Group photo from the First Summer School of Alcohol Studies held in 1943 featuring E. M. Jellinek in the middle.
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