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The first of the Yale Plan Posters on Alcoholism series, which consisted of twelve posters prepared by the Section of Studies on Alcohol, Yale University in 1950.

Front cover of The Yale Center of Alcohol Studies brochure

An image with covers of books and pamphlets published at the Center of Alcohol Studies clipped from a newsletter.

A photo of the CAAAL cards in their original drawer with the CAAAL Manual

The full copy of the Classified Abstract Archives of Alcohol Literature by Mark Keller, Vear Efron, and E.M. Jellinek.

A photo of the tools to use the Classified Abstract Archives of Alcohol Literature: the punchcards, the sorting needle, and the CAAAL manual in the Center of Alcohol Studies Library in 2014.

A promotional flyer for the seminal work in alcohol studies "The Disease Concept of Alcoholism" by E.M. Jellinek

Images from What's Alcohol and Why Do People Dring by Gail Milgram

A copy of the publication "What is Alcohol and Why do People Drink?" written by Gail Milgram, Ed.D., Director of Summer School a=of Alcohol Studies

JSAD Anniversary cover.jpg
Cover of the 75th special anniversary issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.


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