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The five pillars of alcohol studies

Five pillars

Mission Statement from Yale CAS

The first Center of Alcohol Studies, which defined the field as it evolved, was built on five pillars, summarized in the iconic poster.

The original 32×25-inch poster, calligraphed in a delicate hand (date unknown) lists the five divisions of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies as research, publication, education, therapy, and special services.

The multidisciplinary fields of research include physiological, psychological, cultural, legal, educational, economic, and medical aspects of alcohol. However, reading further suggests that the extent of the divisions were inseparable, e.g., even if the Education Division was in charge of the Summer School of Alcohol Studies, the Treatment Division, called Therapy, also conducted training as well as research.

The Research, Therapy and Education divisions were also supported largely by the Publication Division and Special Services, including help with information and consultation

The five pillars of alcohol studies