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"Firsts" in Alcohol Studies


There are some “firsts” in alcohol studies known to many only by a few sen­tences handed down from one to another, including "firsts" in the alcohol literature, such as a few early descriptions of the complications of chronic alcoholism, the first attempts at experimental solutions, and the first allusions to seemingly modern theories, published in the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol.

In the footsteps of the founding fathers of the science of alcohol studies, the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies, as the successor of the first institurion of its kind, follows the original mission represented by the five pillars: research, publication, education, therapy and special services. 

The Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol grew out of collecting alcohol literature. Now called the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, it is the longest running addiction journal in the US.

Publications: Yale CAS


Sharing the depth and wealth of publications at the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies this exhibit provides a brief overview of early initiatives to publish alcohol research.

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Publications: Rutgers CAS


The Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies (CAS) in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology is a multidisciplinary institute dedicated to substance use research, education, and training.

Summer School of Alcohol Studies


An important educational resource for individuals in the alcohol field since 1943, the Summer School of Alcohol Studies is the first to offer a structured curriculum to participants from various backgrounds and disciplines, becoming a life changing experience for many. The exemplary interaction between faculty and students inspired lively discussions, which resulted in founding major organizations related to alcohol education, such as the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, which became the National Council on Alcoholism, an endeavour by a famous student, Marty Mann. Another student, Brinkley Smithers was also instrumental in helping the Center of School Studies move from Yale University to Rutgers, and also, along with his wife, Adele Smithers, donated funds to expand the building to its current format.

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