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Early publications by the Yale and Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies document the evolving field of alcohol studies.


The Yale and Rutgers Centers of Alcohol Studies considered the dissemination of literature on alcohol and alcoholism as one of the five pillars of alcohol studies. A sample of the early publications provides a glimpse into the wealth and diversity of resources, such as series of pamphlets, memoirs, posters, and lay supplements, illustrate the inclusive target audiences of these publications.
This collection features seminal works published by CAS or collected by the CAS library and unavailable elsewhere (about 350 pdf files and 350 images) including gray literature, such as pamphlets, fact sheets, lay supplements, and material related to publication (bibliographies, and flyers). Note: Following previous decisions, content from the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs will be omitted, since the journal is fully digitized and the back files are available for subscribers as full text.


Center of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey


Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Archives


Rutgers University Libraries




Alcohol Research Documentation, Inc.


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Collection Items

Yale Posters on Alcoholism
The Yale Plan Posters on Alcoholism series consisted of twelve posters prepared by the Section of Studies on Alcohol, Yale University in 1950. The individual posters were available for purchase.

CAAAL Manual book cover
Book cover of CAAAL Manual: A guide to the use of the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature

CAAAL storage
The storage and use of the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature is illustrated by the CAAAL cabinet and sorter.

CAAAL Abstract Card
Image of a CAAAL abstract card (McBee card, edge-notched card, or punch card) with a sample abstract.

Publication Catalog 1959-60
A publication catalog issued by the Publications Division of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies for Winter 1959-60.

Five pillars
A large, handwritten cardboard poster displays the original "five pillars," as the founding fathers called the branches: research, publication, education, therapy, and special services.

Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs at 75
Cover of the 75th special anniversary issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

What is Alcohol by Gail Milgram
A copy of the publication "What is Alcohol and Why do People Drink?" written by Gail Milgram, Ed.D., Director of Summer School a=of Alcohol Studies

Images from What's Alcohol by Gail Milgram
Images from What's Alcohol and Why Do People Dring by Gail Milgram

Disease Concept Flyer
A promotional flyer for the seminal work in alcohol studies "The Disease Concept of Alcoholism" by E.M. Jellinek
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