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Resources related to notable scholars in the history of alcohol studies at Yale and Rutgers Universities.


This collection honors some of the founders of the Rutgers Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies, as well as others who contributed to its success over the years. Notable people are defined as the founders of alcohol studies from Yale CAS, with some also moving to Rutgers CAS, such as former CAS and SSAS directors and JSAD editors. The complete collection consists of about 600 images and pdfs.


Center of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey


Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Archives


Rutgers University Libraries




Alcohol Research Documentation, Inc.


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Collection Items

Bacon Radio Interview
"Yale Interprets the News," a WTIC-1080 radio series in which Selden Bacon interprets what's behind the headlines.

Alcometer in use
An image of two researchers, a technician, and a test subject blowing air into the Alcometer created by Leon Greenberg in the early 1940s. Same image used in the SSAS Alumni Newsletter, with caption explaining use.

Mark Keller and Marty Mann at Mark Keller's Recognition Dinner
A color picture taken at Mark Keller's Recognition Dinner in 1977.

Seden D. Bacon
A portrait of Seldon D. Bacon, Director of Yale CAS and Rutgers CAS, in a clipping from the Alumni NewsLetter of the Summer School of Alcohol Studies.

Keller NAAAP Award
An image of Mark Keller, Editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol receiving a Recognition Award of the North American Association of Alcoholism Programs

Mark Keller and R. Brinkley Smithers at Keller's Recognition Dinner
An image of Mark Keller and R. Brinkley Smithers at Keller's Recognition Dinner in 1977

Portrait of Howard W. Haggard
A photo of Howard W. Haggard, founder and first editor of the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol

Portrait of Anthony Carpenter
A photo of John Anthony Carpenter, director of the Center of Alcohol Studies from 1975 until 1981, and editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol from 1992 to 1994.

Leon Greenberg and the Alcometer
A clipping from a newsletter depicting inventor Leon A. Greenberg with his Alcometer in use

Portrait of Raymond McCarthy
A photo of Raymond McCarthy, director of the Yale Plan Clinics, director of the Summer School of Alcohol Studies, and professor of education at the Center of Alcohol Studies.
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