Website Redesign Update: March 2021

The redesign project has moved into development, an exciting phase when we’re starting to see all our hard work turn into an actual website. This follows a few months of wireframe and design approvals, during which we met with each unit to talk through how they can use the new library of building blocks (“components” in website-ese) to put together pages that will best suit their users’ needs. It’s a very flexible system that will allow us to easily keep things fresh, eye-catching, and well-suited to the content we need to present – above all, making sure the site provides easy access to what our users need most. We’ve been testing this component library out with different types of pages (landing pages, informational pages, news items, profiles, etc.) and are confident that it will provide us with what we need.

A few notable features in development: the database portal will be searchable by title and keyword, with easy one-click access to each resource, short-cutting the “connect” pages that force users through an extra step. A redesigned subject browse will make it easy to locate well-curated, usable lists of subject-specific databases, and database descriptions will be streamlined. We’re also finding ways to surface our librarians and staff in various places around the site. This will help connect users to people who can help, and showcase the expertise we have here at the Libraries.

A content plan is beginning to take shape, as well as a governance plan that will ensure the long-term integrity of the site and its content. It will be great on launch day, and keeping it that way will require regular attention and maintenance, coordinated around a long-term strategy.

Related to the redesign, we’re planning to move to LibCal as the Librarieswide means of scheduling events. You can read more about the transition in this issue of the Agenda.

As always, you’re welcome to reach out anytime with questions or comments. Send us an email:

Matt Badessa