Website Redesign Project Update – November 2020

The website redesign project team has completed baseline usability testing and analysis, and we’ve combined that with other research from the discovery process and are now moving into wireframing. Using the ideas generated during prototyping sessions last month with each of the local library groups, we’re developing an architecture for the site that will balance each unit’s desire for flexibility with the need for a sustainable infrastructure that provides our users with streamlined, easy access to our most popular resources.

Over the coming weeks and months, our team will be busy reviewing wireframes and revisions from the team at NewCity. Once the wireframes are approved, we’ll go through the same process with mockups, which will incorporate more of the look and feel of the pages along with example content. The new site will be built out of components, rather than templated pages – this is a different way to think about building web pages that puts greater power in the hands of content creators and managers. It will allow for greater flexibility and easier updates than our current setup, and each unit will be able to create and maintain beautiful, useful, up-to-date pages that reflect their users’ needs. The project team will be learning about how to work with a component library during the wireframing/mockup phase, and more people will be brought in for training once the component library is fully developed and we’re building out the actual site content.

As always, you’re welcome to reach out anytime with questions or comments. Send us an email:

Amy Kimura