WebEx Conferencing Available to All

webex screenshotThere are so many ways for video/web conferencing. Why should I use WebEx?

Who: All RUL faculty and staff can initiate a WebEx call to hold virtual meetings.

What: A WebEx meeting is an online meeting that allows you to meet and collaborate with other people. Attendees will need a computer, a laptop, a mobile device with Internet access, or even just a telephone to participate. For a full experience, use a webcam with a microphone. Videoconference endpoints can also be added to the meeting.

When: WebEx is recommended for use in formal, informal, or even ad hoc situations involving small groups or large audiences, with both Rutgers employees and external participants.

Where: WebEx can be used from any location with Internet, cellular, or telephone connectivity. Most of the RUL conference rooms are equipped to participate. When conference rooms are booked or when you would like to conference from your own office, or from the road, WebEx is the solution for you.

Why: WebEx is ideal for easily connecting with internal or external participants, since invitees do not have to have any special software beyond a browser. To compliment your collaboration, Through WebEx, you can share your screen and present applications, share lectures, or co-edit documents. Meetings can be recorded through the click of a button and made available later.

How:  Request the use of one of RUL’s WebEx licenses by emailing webex@rulhelp.rutgers.edu or by creating an RULHelp ticket. Bookroom also integrates the option to request a WebEx meeting when scheduling your conference location. Your local UCS, or IIS staff will then create your WebEx meeting, supply you with directions for using WebEx, and provide you with email invitations to send out to your participants. We can also provide a hands-on training session for anyone in RUL.

Once the WebEx meeting is set up, you can join from any browser using a link found in the meeting invitation. In seconds, your browser will automatically download a plugin or app (if needed) after which you will be directly connected to the meeting. When joining by phone, call the WebEx number and enter the meeting number supplied in the meeting invitation.

Want to know more? Contact IIS or your local UCSs. We are here to help!



Kim Kaiser