Update on LibCal Events

NBL libcalIn the September 2020 issue of “The Agenda,” we wrote about the numerous modules of Springshare’s LibCal software that are in use at RUL.  This month, we’ll give you an overview and update on one of those modules, LibCal Events, and how it can be used.

LibCal Events and associated event calendars are already used for scheduling workshops by NBL. Soon, we will be adopting LibCal Events across the Libraries as a replacement for our current event scheduler.  This switch will coincide with the launch of our new website in June.

Creating events on calendars, displaying events, and registering for events is easily done through the LibCal Events module.  Waiting lists and automated reminders are helpful features for both end users and library personnel. Collection of usage statistics and follow-up survey comments will aid us in improving our future events and their scheduling. In addition, users will be able to search the calendars displayed on the website and filter by location and category to find events that are of interest.

The next steps include forming a team of representatives from all library divisions to establish vocabularies for filters like category. That standardization will aid users in their searches, provide a basis for statistics collection, and enable the module to be useful across all libraries. Some of you will be contacted soon for this short task.

For more information about LibCal Events and calendars, contact the LibCal Admin, Marty Barnett (martyb@rutgers.edu).  If you have questions about the website redesign, you can send email to the Website Redesign Team (webservices@libraries.rutgers.edu).

Martha Barnett