This Month in the Agenda – November 1990

Hypercard Brown Bag Lunch, November 9, 1990

Overdue Notice

This note was recently received at Douglass Library accompanying a book that was overdue in 1963. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


My malicious brother, John Doe, died recently and left us with a house full of books he had stolen from every library he ever lived near.

The enclosed book appears to be yours. I am returning it with the hope it will still be of some value to you.

On behalf of the entire family, I sincerely regret my brother’s action.

Jane Doe

The Agenda 12, no. 43 (November 4, 1990)

Ruth on the Move

On January 1, 1991, Ruth Simmons will begin a FASP leave and step down from her position of Director of Special Collections and Archives. At that time, she will become Senior Archivist and Curator of the Griffis Collection.

The Agenda 12, no. 45 (November 25, 1990)


Personnel Changes – Staff


Natalie Delker, Library Assistant 3, LSM
Dolores Evans, Secretarial Assistant II, Library Administration
Helen Slim, Library Assistant 3, Camden Library
Tracey Meyer, Library Supervisor III, TAS
Joy Willinger, Senior Accounting Clerk, Library Administration

The Agenda 12, no. 45 (November 25, 1990)

Matt Badessa