This Month in the Agenda – May 1993

Calendar of Events, May 2 - May 30, 1993.

Calendar of Events, May 2 – May 30, 1993.

How To

Mary Beth Fecko, Technical and Automated Services, has written Cataloging Nonbook Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians.

Cataloging is the starting point for access to nonbook materials, especially important for media which cannot be browsed in the manner of books. Cataloging Nonbook Resources offers the cataloger guidance and practice with nonbook materials. It covers the major formats: visual materials, sound recordings, maps, computer files, kits, and electronic resources. The text is meant to be used in conjunction with AACR2R. Each chapter includes examples of bibliographic records, examples of MARC tagging for various formats, and AACR2R rules for MARC tagged records along with Library of Congress Rule interpretations. This manual brings catalogers up to speed on “nontraditional” formats.

Congratulations, Mary Beth!

The Agenda 15, no. 9 (May 2, 1993)

Holdings and Pieces

The System and Database Management Department is scheduled for a major upgrade at the end of the summer. Because of the high interest in the upgrade the plans are as follows:

Holdings and Pieces Management is coming soon to our IRIS catalog. Why, you may ask, is Holdings and Pieces necessary? How will it affect our daily operations, and is the transition worth it?

Holdings and Pieces is Geac’s name for the software they developed to streamline management of individual items in the system, while retaining summary information. In this context, holdings refers to summary holdings, and pieces refers to the individual items.

Currently holdings information is kept in two separate sets of files: those for circulation and those for BPS. In the OPAC, information is drawn from both of these components. Holdings and Pieces Management (HPM) will integrate information that is now kept in separate files. For example, from either Circ or BPS, you will be able to determine circulation status and the date an item was added to the system. Staff will be able to change information in either function and will be able to record item-level notes.

The Agenda 15, no. 9 (May 2, 1993)

A Bit of Trivia

Patrons recalled 5,430 books from September to December, 1992. On average that’s 45 recalls placed per day!

The Agenda 15, no. 9 (May 2, 1993)


A special thank you is extended to all the volunteers from the library community who participated in the Annual Giving Phonothons for ’92 – ’93. By your volunteering to call alumni and parents you have helped to ensure the libraries continued growth as an intellectual resource for our Rutgers students.

Treadwell Atkins Alexander Library
Karen Barrella Fiscal Control/Library Admin.
Ron L. Becker Special Collections and Archives
Renza Chendak Library Administration
Amos Danube Library of Science and Medicine
Rose Deland Technical and Automated Services
James Doele Dana Library
Margie Epple Library Administration
Delores Evans Library Administration
Betty Fry Technical and Automated Services
Jeanne Garrison Robeson Library
Marianne Gaunt Library Administration
Gary Golden Robeson Library
Bonita Grant Special Collections and Archives
Harriette Hemmasi Music Library
Michael Joseph Special Collections and Archives
Marty Kesselman Library of Science and Medicine
Linda Langschied Alexander Library
Bobbi Loeb Library Administration
Jackie Mardikian Library of Science and Medicine
Sondra Marsh Robeson Library
Nita Mukherjee Technical and Automated Services
Stan Nash Alexander Library
Judy Odom Robeson Library
Carol Paszamant Alexander Library
Francoise Puniello Douglass Library
Halina Rusak Art Library
Charlene Shults Alexander Library
Ruth Simmons Special Collections and Archives
Jane Sloan Douglass Library
Gracemary Smulewitz Alexander Library
Peter Stern Alexander Library
Marilyn Tankiewicz Business Office/Library Admin.
Ryoko Toyama Alexander Library
Nancy Wiencek Library Administration
Myoung Wilson Alexander Library
Carole Wolfe Technical and Automated Services
Connie Wu Library of Science and Medicine
Beth Ann Zambella Kilmer Library

The Agenda 15, no. 10 (May 16, 1993)


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