This Month in the Agenda: March 2000

This month we take a look at the Agenda in the aughts. Is it just me, or does 2000 not feel like almost two decades ago?

Survey Says
The Agenda 22, no. 4 (March 5, 2000)

Reader survey from the Agenda 22, no. 4 (March 5, 2000).

Systematic Thinking


At the last Cabinet meeting we discussed what it means to be a system. This might seem needless for an organization that has described itself as operating system-wide for many years, but it’s always useful to step back and take stock. This is especially important as we continue to develop our long-range plan, the Digital Library Initiative (DLI), and seek ways to be more effective.

Typically, a system shares the same vision, philosophy, and goals. It shares common infrastructure and operates with system-wide policies and practices. There is considerable interdependency among units and a heightened need for communication. There’s also a shift to systems thinking, where operations are examined across the system rather than just locally. This helps to improve and expand the entire system’s capabilities to be effective. Each unit is each other unit’s best customer and best supporter. Information and expertise are shared readily, so that everyone in the organization benefits.

As we implement the DLI we need to ensure that we are all working towards system-wide goals, using our resources effectively, thinking strategically, collaborating across units, and present a consistent, quality presence to our users. Communication and open discussion will be important as we gain new understandings in what it means to sustain and enhance a system in the digital environment.

The Agenda 22, no. 5 (March 19, 2000)

Getting Medieval

The Medieval Studies Program and the Friends of the
Rutgers University Libraries invite you to

The Dedication of the
Ernest McDonnell
Medieval Culture Seminar Room
in Alexander Library

featuring a talk by
Barbara Newman,
Professor of English and Religion
at Northwestern University

“You Can’t Speak To Men
Until You’ve Spoken With God:
Medieval Women And The Church”

Thursday, March 23, 2000
4:00–6:00 p.m.
Alexander Library

The Agenda 22, no. 4 (March 5, 2000)

Matt Badessa