This Month in the Agenda – January 1981

This month we take a look at what the new year brought to the Libraries in 1981.

Movin’ on Up

A recent Association of Research Libraries report by Kendon Stubbs entitled “The ARL Library Index and Quantitative Relationships in the ARL” provided some indication of the relative standing of the Rutgers University Library system in this illustrious group. In 1978-79, based on volumes held, volumes added, microforms, serials, materials expenditures, Rutgers ranked nineteenth out of 98 institutions. It ranked higher than Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and a number of other outstanding institutions.

The Agenda 3, no. 1 (January 5, 1981)

That’s a Lot of Math

The final recommendations of the committee for parking lot 34 (rear of Alexander Library) have been accepted and will be implemented in calendar year 1981. The committee consisted of four members: Don Luck of Technical Services, chairman; Jean Koyen of Alexander Library; Donald King of the Library School; and Michael Farley of the Library Administration. The recommendations of the committee are as follows:

  1. The parking lot will be redesigned to accommodate five additional parking slots….
  2. As lot spaces become available the following formula will be used to assign vacant positions. A point system will be established based on the following: Total points equal salary range plus years of service, plus five points for a subcompact/compact car plus ten points for each Alexander area employee carried in a car pooling arrangement. For example, if Jane Smith is a Range 10, has a subcompact car, carries one passenger who works for the library system at Alexander, and Jane has worked for the system for six years, she will accrue a total of 31 points.

(Points)                (Range)                (Sub)                     (Pool)                    (years)
(TP=                       10+                         5+                           10+                         6              = 31)

She will be ranked along with all others who have applied for a sticker and the stickers will be assigned according to those with the highest total points.

The Agenda 3, no. 1 (January 5, 1981)

Get Oriented!

The Staff Development committee is sponsoring an all day orientation for new employees on January 16, 1981. Hendrik Edelman and other library administrators and staff will welcome new employees and introduce them to various aspects of the University Libraries. The orientation will be held in the New Jersey Room beginning at 9:30 a.m. Employees hired since January 1, 1980 are invited to attend. Bring a brown bag lunch. Coffee and dessert will be provided.

The Agenda 3, no. 2 (January 12, 1981)

That’s a Lot of Interests
Map of Libraries Special Interest Groups, 1981

Map of Libraries Special Interest Groups, 1981

The Agenda 3, no. 3 (January 19, 1981)

Calling All Bibliomaniacs

The auctioneer’s gavel will signal the start of “Bibliomania ’81,” the first annual fund raising event sponsored by the Friends of the Libraries. Scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 3 at Records Hall on the College Avenue Campus, the auction will feature fine collectible items; antiques, coins, stamps, books, works of art, maps, and rare wines, as well as other quality items and services.

The Agenda 3, no. 4 (January 26, 1981)

Matt Badessa