This Month in the Agenda: December 1979

This month, we go back to the Agenda’s inaugural year—1979. Jimmy Carter was President, Sony had just introduced the Walkman, and a gallon of gas costed $0.86. What was happening at the Libraries?

Ski trip flyer

Anyone up for a ski trip? (Hope it was better than that drawing…)

Calling All Friends!

An organizing party was held on November 20 to plan for the future of the Friends of the Library. Representatives  from the University Trustees’ Library Committee, University faculty and administration, Rutgers Foundation, and Library administration attended the early evening event in the Librarian’s office. They discussed various ways the Friends could raise support for the Library.

– The Agenda 1, no. 42 (December 3, 1979)

Movie Time

Alexander Library, Wednesday, December 5 – Persona, New Jersey Room, 7:30
Kilmer Area Library, Tuesday, December 4 – Italian Straw Hat, AV, 7:30
Newark Dana Library, Monday, December 3 – Notorious, Listening/Viewing, 11:30

–The Agenda 1, no. 42 (December 3, 1979)

Need a Gig?

Alexander Library: Information Services Librarian. $17,544 and up dependent upon qualifications.
The Agenda 1, no. 43 (December 10, 1979)

Archives Shaping Up

The Board of Trustees has allocated $45,000 to fund an Archival Study Project to be conducted under the administration of the University Librarian.

The project will survey current and non-current records and disposition practices throughout the University to develop recommendations for a coordinated records management/archives program. The program will enable the University to fulfill administrative needs, conserve space, meet legal requirements, and preserve historical records. From RUL’s perspective, the archives/records management program is part of a broader plan to develop research collections.

Hendrik Edelman has appointed George Kanzler, William miller, Edward Pason, Ruth Simmons, Donald Sinclair, and Emma Warren to serve on the RUL Advisory Committee of the Archival Study Program. They will deal with the implications of the Archival Study Project for the Libraries.

–The Agenda 1, no. 44 (December 17, 1979)

Matt Badessa