Thank You for a Terrific #RutgersGivingDay

Thanks to all of your efforts and support, the Libraries greatly exceeded our goals for Giving Day this year. Last year, we had 22 donors and our goal this year was to slightly more than double this with 50 donors. We blew our goal out of the water with 134 donors and the Libraries are on the Top Ten leaderboards for both Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-New Brunswick. We raised a total of $13,375.00. Here are the specifics for each location:

#11 – RBHS Libraries, 6 donations, $300.00

#12 – Camden Libraries, 10 donations, $170.00

#7 – Newark Libraries, 18 donations, $1433.00

#9 – New Brunswick Libraries, 100 donations, $11,472.00


This banner ran on Instagram on Giving Day.

The figures above may shift slightly as the Foundation does their final accounting, but clearly, we did a great job!

Thank you to everyone who took time to set up donation computer stations or to sit at tables and solicit support sheets and donations in their libraries. I hope you all had a chance to see the fantastic social media campaign we ran on Twitter, using many photos of our real students and colleagues sounding off on matters most to them. Matt Badessa also created our first Instagram banner/photo grid.

If you have photos of Giving Day at your location, send them to and I’ll add them to the slideshow!


Jessica Pellien