Storing Files in Box – Personal Folder vs Group Folder

Box is a cloud-based file storage application where students, faculty and staff can securely store, manage, and share files. With an unlimited storage capacity, Box offers a great way to store lots of data and share it with colleagues. However, there are some important distinctions between using a ‘personal share’ and a ‘managed group share.’

What is the difference between a personal folder and a group folder?

When you activate your Rutgers Box account, you can begin storing and sharing data right away. When you share a folder from within your Box account with a colleague, that is considered a personal share, because you are the owner of the share.

When you open a ticket and request a Box folder, that is a managed group share. In this case, users are assigned to have access to the folder, but no user owns the share. If you want users added or removed from the share, you must open a ticket.

This is an important distinction because if you are sharing data that is part of a personal share, and the owner leaves the University, the data will no longer be accessible. However, with a managed group share, that data will continue to live perpetually, regardless of the status of its members.

How can I tell if my folder is a personal folder or a group folder?

Managed group shares are typically enclosed in parentheses. However, you can also verify by doing the following:

  1. Login to your box account (
  2. Right click on a folder.
  3. Select “More actions.”
  4. Select “Manage collaborators.” If the owner is “Share-RUL,” then it is a managed group share.

How do I request a group folder?

Send an email to We will need you to suggest a folder name and tell us who should have access to the folder, and what permissions you want them to have.

For more information, visit Rutgers Box Storage Service page in Staff Resources.

Ed Smith