Snapshot Day 2021

NJLA has announced that the 2021 New Jersey Library Snapshot Day will begin on February 1 and be held throughout the month of February. Snapshot Day is an annual celebration where the New Jersey library community comes together to document the wonderful people, places, events, materials, and experiences that make up a day in the life of the library.

Snapshot Day started in New Jersey libraries in 2007 as a response to the simple question: “what would happen if libraries went away, even for a day?”

Snapshot Day’s focus has shifted to sharing images and stories on social media. While statistics help quantify what is happening in libraries, stories make these numbers personal. Stories put a human face on library usage that helps legislators, administrators, voters, and other library stakeholders identify with the essential work that New Jersey libraries do every day.

And this mission has a new urgency. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, New Jersey libraries have pivoted, and found innovative and thoughtful ways to continue to meet the needs of communities throughout the Garden State. From virtual story times to curbside pickup and parking lot WiFi, libraries have continued to answer the calls in their communities. Now it’s time to share those stories.

The pictures and stories that you post, share, and submit will help us advocate for increased resources for New Jersey libraries. Statistics help quantify results. But pictures and stories show impact. Library stakeholders throughout the state need to see the impact of library services, so they know what they stand to lose if they do not continue to support and fully fund libraries.

If you would like to support this initiative, please send your images/stories to and they will be considered for our social media accounts. For more information, visit the Snapshot Day website.

Matt Badessa