Quick Takes on Events and News – July 2019

An Important Message for Faculty and Staff from the Center on Violence against Women and Children

Better Late than Never?

Stephanie Bartz reports on an amusing development: “We recently received a piece of mail for Donald F. Cameron. In case you don’t know, we have the Donald F. Cameron Reference Reading Room at Alexander, so his portrait is on the wall. Cameron was once the University Librarian. He retired in 1966. Just goes to show that mailing lists never die. Once you’re on one, your name has been recorded for posterity!”

Mina Ghajar.

Kudos for Mina

Congratulations are in order for Mina Ghajar, who received an acknowledgment in one of her nutrition students’ recently published articles, “Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Efforts through A Life Course Health Development Perspective: A Scoping Review.” You can read the article and view the acknowledgment here. Way to go, Mina!

Matt Badessa