Quick Takes on Events and News – April 2018

Consuella Askew

Congratulations to Consuella Askew for being named a 2018 Senior Library Fellow!


Congratulations are in order for Consuella Askew, who was recently announced as one of the 17 library leaders who have been selected to participate in this year’s Library Senior Fellows program at UCLA.

Consuella will join an international cohort of fellows at UCLA in August for a three-week residential program combining management perspectives, strategic thinking, and practical and theoretical approaches to the issues confronting academic institutions and their libraries. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

Where Literature and Medicine Meet

Kayo Denda and Victoria Wagner are at the heart of a new partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School that will expand the dialogue surrounding issues of gender, sexuality, and identity in campus hospitals. The Literature and Medicine series brings free film screenings and discussions to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital one Monday each month. Next up: A presentation on transgenderism and the military on April 16. Learn more.

Ryan with Camel

Ryan Womack meets a parking lot attendant in the Mongolian airport.

Teaching Data in Mongolia

Ryan Womack was recently invited to the Mongolian University of Life Sciences’ School of Economics and Business, where he taught a weeklong seminar on applied multivariate statistical methods using R. The seminar drew participants from schools across the university as well as Mongolian governmental offices. He also participated in meetings to discuss improvements to the academic and data infrastructure of the university and talked with undergraduate statistics majors about trends in data science. Read more on our website or the RyanData blog (which has a ton of great photos from the trip!).

Happy Birthday Paul Robeson!

April 9, 2018 marks the 120th birthday of Rutgers alum, actor, artist, and activist Paul Robeson. In honor of this milestone, Paul Robeson Library is hosting events throughout the month of April including an exhibit about his life, a documentary film screening and panel discussion, and a birthday party on Rutgers Day. Learn more about the planned festivities.

Bishop Lecture

The 32nd annual Bishop Lecture comes to Alexander Library on April 25.

Who Spoke Up?

The 32nd Annual Louis Faugères III Bishop Lecture will be held at Alexander Library on April 25. Join us as we welcome David Greenberg, professor of history and journalism and media studies at Rutgers University–New Brunswick and author of Republic of Spin: The Inside History of the American Presidency. Greenberg’s lecture, titled “Who Spoke Up?: Liberals, the Left, and the ‘Great Debate’ over Entering World War II,” will paint a vivid portrait of the personalities and debates surrounding America’s entrance into World War II, illustrating the importance of political papers projects for this type of original historical and political research.

As a scholar of political history, Greenberg frequently uses political papers in his research. For his most recent book, he visited no less than six presidential libraries and used political collections at the Library of Congress and Princeton University.

Matt Badessa