Prepare for the Launch of Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) on August 8

On July 25, the office of research and economic development announced the impending launch of the Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) Phase II on August 8. The text below is taken directly from that announcement. As this system is implemented, our ability to work in an informal manner will be eliminated. In order to successfully submit a grant, we must follow the correct RAPSS process. If you have any questions about RAPSS and how it applies to your work at the Libraries, please bring those questions to your director or AUL.

What you need to know:

  • Faculty and staff need to complete training on the new system before it goes live.
  • On August 8, RAPSS will become mandatory for all new submissions of research proposals, corporate contracts, and associated items. Paper submissions will no longer be possible.
  • Information about RAPSS user training and the schedule of training sessions are posted here.
  • There is helpful material on the RAPSS website, such as Quick Reference Guides and Video Guides.
  • Important: The Department listed in the workflow descriptions is the Libraries, not the submitter’s department (e.g. NBL, SCUA, Dana, IJS, etc).

Some of the benefits of RAPSS are that it will:

  • Streamline and bring transparency to the submission of proposals, contracts, and associated items
  • Eliminate paper documents and the tasks associated with creating, conveying, and storing hard copies
  • Replace the cumbersome paper-based endorsement process and allow for electronic routing and approvals
  • Integrate the pre-award process with the post-award financial management process

Additional information will be supplied throughout the fall as the RAPSS system is launched.


Jessica Pellien