Policy Corner

November 2022

New Electronic Conflict of Interest Application eCOI System

Each year, all Rutgers employees are required to disclose any outside activity unrelated to their Rutgers positions that may present conflicts of interest. In the past, two applications were used—the Outside Activity Questionnaire (OAQ) in Ethics Armor, and eCOI, which was used by researchers.

Rutgers University Ethics and Compliance, the Office for Research, and the Office of Information Technology are pleased to announce the creation of the new electronic conflict of interest application eCOI+, which will replace the current OAQ and eCOI applications. This new application will:

  • Allow faculty, staff, and student employees to complete or update their annual disclosure using a single application.
  • Reduce the number of disclosures required by researchers by over 15,000, thereby helping to improve turnaround time for Institutional Review Board (IRB) renewal reviews.

The application will continue to evolve as feedback from the users is incorporated. You can send feedback to eCOI@research.rutgers.edu.

The eCOI+ application is live and can be accessed by visiting eCOI.Rutgers.edu.

For additional help and support, you can review our Quick Start Guide or view FAQs at the eCOI+ FAQs.

In addition, there will be eCOI+ help desk sessions through Zoom on Wednesdays and Thursdays until December 22, 2022. You can review the available hours by visiting eCOI+ Help Desk Hours.

October 2022

The University Libraries Administration Office’s business hours are now 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. This aligns the office’s hours of operation more closely with staff schedules and the use of the spaces in the suite. This change will not affect card swipe access to the suite outside of these hours.

June 2022

Rutgers University has ceased charging gift assessment fees as of January 1, 2022. The Donor Gift Policy was updated on April 12, 2022 (link). Details regarding the technical implementation of this change are as follows:

  • Any gift received by the Rutgers Foundation (RUF) on or after January 1, 2022, will not be assessed a gift fee.
  • Any gift sent to Rutgers from RUF by December 31, 2021, will be assessed a gift fee. Any funds still held by RUF on December 31, 2021, will not be assessed a gift fee.
  • The Restricted & Endowment Funds department and RUF Accounting team will reconcile activity and reverse applicable gift fee charges in the June period for non-sponsored projects.
June 2017

The Guidelines for Rutgers University Libraries Social Media are now available in the Policy Library under the University Librarian on Staff Resources. These guidelines outline minimal standards for creating and managing social media accounts on behalf of the Libraries.

May 2017

We have new Print Retention and Withdrawal Guidelines available in the Collections Development policy library.

January 2017

The Collections Policy for Special Collections & Archives has been accepted and is now available in the policy library.

December 2016

All Libraries signs, postcards, flyers, advertisements must comply with the university’s visual identity policy. To make this easy, we’ve posted information and materials related to the visual identity policy on the shared drive T:/CENTRAL/Visual Identity. Here you will find copies of the university’s policy, logos, fonts to use, standard colors, and copies of the letterhead and news release templates.

If you have questions about whether a design you’re working on is compliant with the visual identity policy, the communications department is happy to help with spot checks and proofreading. Let us know how we can help!

October 2016

Just a reminder to please add any public event or workshop to the Libraries events calendar. This is our one-stop spot for people to find information about our events. Adding your events also alerts the communications department to upcoming events so we can help promote them.

Anyone from inside or outside of the Libraries can submit an event for the calendar can submit their event with this form.

August 2016

The Libraries have an extended model release for Rutgers University Libraries faculty and staff. This form grants permission to use photographs and other recordings without having to secure additional model releases for each event.

If you are interested in this, please complete the extended model release form and return it to the communications department.

Right click and save to download the extended model release form.

July 2016

Please familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for Libraries’ Use of Photography and Photos in and of Libraries’ Facilities, Events, and People now available in T:\CENTRAL\Procedures and Resources. This is particularly important for anyone hosting events or photographing children, Rutgers student athletes, or health patients.

Model release forms and photos are stored on the Central server, as well.

June 2016

We have had several requests to film or photograph in the Libraries in recent months. There are new guidelines to help faculty and staff field these requests. Please take a moment to review:

May 2016

We received a student complaint about one of our exhibitions so it seems a good time to review our existing exhibitions policy.

April 2016

We had several student requests to post information in the libraries last month. Please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with this policy for Rutgers University Libraries: