Ninja Warrior Report

Participants in this program, from the School of Arts and Sciences’ Students in Transition Seminar, were walked through a series of library related activities including five minutes of copyright, playing a memory game to learn about Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA), making a button to learn more about copyright and SCUA, playing a game to learn about what is available for check out at the circulation desk, how to find an article and a PDF, and more. Over 160 transfer students participated in this project and 105 assessment surveys were collected.

From a quick analysis of the assessment spreadsheet, each activity was mentioned more than once as a positive experience. Many students enjoyed button making, copyright, finding a PDF, and the unique items found in SCUA. Many students liked the overall feel of this interactive experience.  Also, it was noted multiple times that many students’ favorite aspect of the library was the people who work there. Last but not least, many students—including the passport stamper from the STS program—expressed during the event that the library event was the best so far and many participants thanked us for the opportunity to learn while having fun.

Should you have further questions about this event, please contact Mei-Ling Lo or Megan Lotts

Megan Lotts