New Content for Library Tutorials!

The NimblyWise and Credo Reference Library instruction tutorials have undergone some changes and enhancements for the fall.

For Credo Reference:

  • The addition of APA Citations 7th edition tutorial.
  • The addition of AMA Citations – A tutorial, which includes a video and checkpoint assessments for practice, on American Medical Association (AMA) style has been added to the Understanding and Using Research Sources section.
  • The addition of Gray Literature – The Health Science Resources section has a new tutorial, which includes a video and checkpoint assessments for practice, on gray literature (information from non-commercially published sources that can have use in research, such as conference proceedings and dissertations).
  • The Revisions of PubMed Material – the PubMed tutorial, including the screencasts, has been refreshed where relevant to reflect PubMed’s redesign.

Quiz questions on the new topics of AMA and gray literature have been added to appropriate assessment libraries.

For NimblyWise:

For the Library Tutorials web page:

  • Citation Styles – New tutorial on APA Citations 7th
  • New quiz on Chicago Manual of Style 17th
  • Getting Started with Research
  • New video on “Framing a Problem” and a new quiz on “Research Strategies”.
  • Presenting Research and Data -The previous video, tutorial, and quiz on Synthesizing Information have been replaced by a video on “Synthesis” and a tutorial and quiz on “Synthesizing Information for Academic Writing”.
  • Using Critical Thinking and Logic – New video on “Why Thinking Matters” and new tutorials on “Logical Reasoning” and “Analyzing Information”.

Evaluating Information – The video “How to Identify and Debunk Fake News” and the quiz on “Fake News” have been retired by the vendor.

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