Library Tutorials Made Available in Multiple LMSs

The NimblyWise courses on Communication, Critical Thinking, and Information Literacy are now available for use in Blackboard, Canvas, and Sakai.  A new Credo Reference course – Health Science – is in the process of being set up and soon will be available in Canvas.  As an easy way to reference these courses while conveying the wide range of library instruction topics, we refer to them as Library Tutorials.

The Library Tutorials are for use by Rutgers University instructors on all campuses.  Librarians will be interested to know that the lessons are mapped to instructional standards including the AAC&U (American Association of Colleges and Universities) VALUE Rubrics (Information Literacy and others), the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, and the ACRL Visual Literacy Standards.

Here are some of the ways that instructors may use these lessons:

  • In a first-year or transition class, to help students appreciate the overall importance of information literacy, strong research and evaluation, and communication skills.
  • As a flipped classroom, assigning students to view a video or work through a lesson before they attend a specialized library instruction class.
  • At various points during a scaffolded assignment, courses are broken down into individual lessons so that they may be deployed to students at various points in their process.
  • At the beginning of a class project, the multimedia lessons cover topics essential to success in research, from choosing a topic to evaluating sources.
  • At point of need, the lessons and videos provide just-in-time learning resources that are available to students throughout the semester.

Instructors who have questions about the Library Tutorials content, or who want to supplement the online instruction with in-person or other modes of library instruction, are being directed to contact their library liaison.  Library liaisons can also help instructors select the most relevant lessons for their course.

Librarian liaisons who need information about the tutorials may contact Maria Breger at

Maria Breger