Libraries before the Age of Google

floppy disks

This collection of storage disks is among the many items on display in the “Libraries before the Age of Google” exhibit.

Librarians constantly embrace change.  Some of the tools or equipment used in the library were considered state-of-the-art innovations and were indispensable in the daily work of librarians.  Have you heard of a library fines calculator? Have you seen the thermal paper that recorded the search results of online searching done by the librarians? Have you ever wondered why you would find some punch cards in the back of library books?  As librarians are retiring, we have begun collecting the vintage items in their offices, and are inviting the librarians to tell us the stories behind each item. Now you can see these items in a display of Libraries Before the Age of Google in the conference room at the Library of Science and Medicine.  The contents of the display are also available as pictures in a digital gallery.

If you would like to share any interesting vintage library items, please contact Mei Ling Lo ( or Tara Maharjan (  We will be honored to share your stories with the rest of the world.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing the items and learning the stories behind them!

Mei Ling Lo