Libraries Add 300 Volumes to the JSTOR Print Archive

I recently read in the email newsletter of the Center for Research Libraries about the JSTOR Print Archive at CRL. This is a fallback collection of the print volumes whose digital surrogates are available in the JSTOR database. Surprisingly, the archive at CRL is only 57% complete; they are seeking donations. So I contacted CRL with the list of the bound periodical titles that we are withdrawing from Alexander Library (to gain collections space) because they have become superfluous because of our secure access to digital backfiles in JSTOR for these titles. It turned out that CRL was interested in parts (mostly all) of our holdings for 23 titles. We counted the approximate number of volumes (our electronic holdings information was incomplete) and it amounted to roughly 300 volumes. CRL provided us with a UPS code for mailing of the volumes. With the help of a few librarian colleagues, I pulled the volumes from the bound periodicals section and packed them into 26 boxes. The shipping department applied the shipping labels, and the Libraries’ contribution to the JSTOR Print Archive is on its way to Chicago.

Jim Niessen