LibCal Has Many Uses

LibCal’s Hours module powers our website hours.

Now that the fall semester has begun on-site, we’re all becoming involved with new hybrid projects and tools. Many of us will have tasks that involve use of the LibCal application. To recap, LibCal, one of the LibApps applications from Springshare, has four modules that we use in RUL: Appointments, Events, Hours, and Spaces. We’re using the LibCal application in both new and revived ways.

The Appointments module is particularly useful once we start having in-person meetings with patrons. However, as many of us know, it can also be used for online consultations.

The Events module is in use, along with the new newly redesigned website, for posting events on the RUL calendar. Events, such as workshops and stressbusters, can be added to and displayed on specific-use calendars owned by local libraries. Registrations for events can be accepted and tracked as well.

The Hours module has been used consistently, before, during and after the recent closure. It displays the times that our libraries’ buildings, desks and departments are open, in addition to giving links to additional help, where appropriate.

Finally, the Spaces module, which had been used to make pickup appointment times available for Click and Collect over the past year, is now set up for patrons to make appointments to use study rooms at our libraries. These rooms, some of which are available for group study and some for individual study, are popular with patrons. More of these spaces for study are being created, such as the new Digital Learning Commons at Alexander Library.

Take a look at the help page IIS is putting together for your convenience. It’s found in Staff Resources at If you have questions or need help with using LibCal, you can contact the LibCal Administrator, Marty Barnett (

Martha Barnett