Highlights from the Center of Alcohol Studies Library

The Center of Alcohol Studies (CAS) Library had the unique opportunity to meet with Jeffrey Beall at his office in Denver. The first part of the interview is featured in their most recent newsletter, (http://library.alcoholstudies.rutgers.edu/sites/library.alcoholstudies.rutgers.edu/files/documents/newsletters/Spring2016_May.pdf) entitled Predatory Publishers: An Interview with Jeffrey Beall, Pt. 1. The second part will soon be available in the newsletter of the Substance Abuse Libraries and Information Specialists (SALIS), freely available for a brief time after publication.

Also, join us as we celebrate a milestone in the historical research at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library. One of the most important founders of alcohol and addiction studies, E. M. Jellinek, also laid down the foundations of the current CAS Library. The most recent issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, published at CAS, features three open-access articles with CAS Library’s contributions to the history of alcohol studies. CAS Library staff has compiled Jellinek’s most comprehensive bibliography to date based on their original research that discovered new biographical data and articles. His seminal articles have also become freely available on the JSAD website. See the reintroduction of Jellinek to current addiction science at: http://www.jsad.com/page/bunkybundle

Jessica Pellien