RUcore hosts “Signs@40: Feminist Scholarship through Four Decades”

CaptureThe interactive topic model for the fortieth anniversary edition of SignsSigns@40: Feminist Scholarship through Four Decades, is now publicly available in RUcore ( Users may download the entire project (topic model data and browser software) or selectively download either the data or the software.

This collaborative project uses digital techniques to explore the Signs archive, the changes in the journal’s content over time, and its role in shaping the fields of Women’s, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. Visitors will discover a visual exploration of the journal’s archive and a snapshot of how topics change over time. While there, they can also view a cocitation network graph that maps the citation patterns in Signs, read commentaries from feminist scholars reflecting on the editorial content and evolution of the journal since its launch, ooh and ahh over forty years’ worth of cover art, and more.

Thanks to journal editor Mary Hawkesworth and the project creators, Andrew Goldstone, Susana Galán, C. Laura Lovin, Andrew Mazzaschi, and Lindsey Whitmore, as well as Ron Jantz and Kayo Denda of the Rutgers University Libraries, this project is now archived for posterity and downloadable by anyone interested in exploring, reusing, or adapting this rich artifact of feminist scholarship.

Jessica Pellien