Dana Library Proposed Renovation Project

Rutgers University–Newark chancellor Nancy Cantor recently approved an $11 million renovation project for the John Cotton Dana Library.

Rutgers Newark Library Vision_FINAL(3) 01.12.16_Page_18Building upon the Rutgers 2030 Physical Master Plan and the Rutgers University–Newark strategic plan, this project is one of two student-focused renovation and expansion projects to be included as part of the university’s capital improvement fund (CIF) grant.[1] The renovation project will take place in two phases, the first of which will be contingent upon the receipt of the CIF grant.

The completion of this multiphase renovation will result in a more visually appealing building that will better facilitate learning interactions between faculty, staff, and students; serve as a collaborative space where town and gown meet; and provide a comfortable, contemplative space conducive for individual and group study.

The first phase of the renovation will be the creation of the new P3 Collaboratory on the third floor of the library. This space has remained unfinished since the addition of the third and fourth floors during the library’s 1994 renovation. The fourth floor houses the world renowned Institute of Jazz Studies.

Rutgers Newark Library Vision_FINAL(3) 01.12.16_Page_17The P3 Collaboratory is a university unit that will provide comprehensive support to instructional faculty and graduate students focused on teaching, leadership, collaborative publicly engaged scholarship, and career development. To accommodate the expected increase in traffic, the plan also includes the installation of a new high capacity elevator and a grand stairway.

The second phase of the project will be a complete reimagining of the first floor. A highlight of the plan is a public interior passageway on the ground floor called RU-N Walk that will position the Libraries at the heart of the campus by providing connectivity between the Campus Center and University Avenue. This phase will also include the addition of student-centric spaces and service areas such as a QuadCommons café, a research commons area, exhibit space, and soft seating.

While there will be a lengthy construction period, when the project is complete, the library’s spaces will be more appealing and useful to our core users. As soon as we know when the renovations will begin, we will let you know so we can prepare for any disruptions to our services.

Scroll through this presentation for more information on this project (click on images to make them bigger and more legible):

[1] “Facts About Proposed Facilities Projects Across Rutgers University”. http://news.rutgers.edu/fact-sheet/facts-about-proposed-facilities-projects-across-rutgers-university/20160114#.VplDMWMsalH. Accessed 4/21/16

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